• technology based blended learning with coaching in small groups

  • Interactive technology based blended learning literature

    1. Videos with recapitulations, explanations as well as interpretationen

    2. Animated und texted presentations

    3. Multiple-Choice- und Selfevaluation-Questions to check the individual progress

    4. Excercises

    5. Complex case Studies:

      1. We use complex case studies to applic the learned fundamentials. Theses cases represent existing companies through out different fields of business. Within the operational areas we use mainly MS Excel as tool to solve these cases, which are preprocessed to solve specific questions step by step.

      2. Based on complex Aufgrund der komplexen relations we can conduct sensitivity analyses, to derive recommended action to optimise the respective company.

      3. These case studies ensure that the theoretical inputs can be used in practical applications.

    6. Instruments to solve major course assessments

  • Online video based consolidation hours

  • Hotline support (monday to friday with garanteed 24 hours response time)

  • Online Chat with mit lectores and students

  • FAQ-area

  • Credit System for motivation and benchmarking

    1. progress in chapters

    2. Results on MC-Tests and selfevaluation

  • Presentations according to the code of praxis based on academic knowledge:

    1. recapitulations of the theoretic-academic part concentrating on big points and superior points of view,

    2. answering open questions out of the learning contents

    3. Input of cases and experience of the specific lector

    4. Preparation for major course assessments

  • Unique button concept leads through the courses:


    Red Button engl.
     Important points to remember
    Blue Botton engl.
     Link to presentations in  MPEG 4

    Green Button engl.

    Yellow Button engl.
     Case study or excercis relating to the content
     Link to files

    Black Button engl.
     Multiple coice questions for selfevaluation of the  content

    Leistungsnachweise engl.
     Link to the decription files for major course  assessments