about us

"We teach what we practice, we practice what we teach"


ELC GmbH offers the most up-to-date teaching and training methods.

Based on a unique internet platform, ELC combines the most effective teaching and training techniques to make learning an exciting experience with lasting results.

In brief: ELC provides methodscontent and advice for effective training and learning.

Our USP´s:
  • Top quality of e-learning trainings
  • Increased sustainability created by our threefold blended learning structure
  • Cost savings possible
  • Modern online technology
  • Unique didactical concept
  • Motivation to study by continuous interaction with the teaching platform
  • Low number of drop outs
  • Simple handling on PC´s, tablets and smart phones
  • Several success stories on universities, universities of applied services, in training institutions and in corporations
Our products:

SBU 1: Master programs: Universities and universities of applied sciences: Your e-learning program
SBU 2: customised trainings for corporate clients
SBU 3: Academies: Training institutions for corporations and civil service
SBU 4: B2C: Subscribe now to our e-learning trainings

What we offer:
  • E- learning content for
    • Master programs in several languages
    • Customised trainings for corporations
    • Structured training programs and seminars in the areas of business administration, finance, controlling, leadership, management,  ….
    • Your personal e-learning training – unlimited learning
  • Customised e-learning platforms
  • Customised didactical concepts for professional training and development
  • We provide service and advancement for your e-learning platform
Your benefits:
  • Top e-learning content
  • Sustainable knowledge and know-how
  • Savings of time and money in personal development and training
  • Unlimited learning: individual and flexible time of study – perfectly suiting the training and learning needs of professionals
  • Consistency of content across whole organisations
  • Customised content – ready for practical application
  • Efficient and effective training and lecturing
  • Your content in didactically structured and edited formats – available wherever and whenever required
ELC is a full service provider of internet based, customised, blended learning concepts and their realisation for efficient, effective and sustainable training.
You can download our company presentation here.